About Robert A. Lebovitz, Esquire

Robert A. Lebovitz, Esquire, graduated from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 1959 as a real estate and finance major where he was on the Dean’s list. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1962, where he was awarded the American Jurisprudence Prize for Excellence in both Constitutional and Administrative Law. He received the George Woods Memorial Award for outstanding work in his second year, won the Pittsburgh National Bank Estate Planning Prize and was co-captain of the Moot Court Team.Admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar in January 1963, Robert served in Mannheim, Germany as 15th QM BN Assistant BN Executive Officer. He was also responsible for income tax assistance to the entire 6th QM Group.

More About Him

Returning to Pittsburgh to practice law in 1964, with his father, Herbert, he developed litigation skills. In Wawrykow v. Simonich 652 A.2d 843, 438 Pa. Super 340 (1994), a suit to determine paternity for inheritance purposes, the novel issue of whether the DNA evidence of the decedent or his parents would be considered to show paternity. Existing evidence established paternity and whether the three-year lapse of time since decedent’s death would preclude DNA testing were questions to be decided by the trial court before the motion to exhume the body for DNA testing would be decided. Upon remand to the trial judge, DNA buckle swabs of paternal grandparents and mother were used and established paternity.

In an admiralty case involving an explosion of a motor boat on the Ohio River resulting in severe personal injuries to the occupants, liability of the railroad which operated a trestle above was established through expert testimony based upon testing of the fragments taken from the injured parties and conclusion that a signaling device above dislodged and caused the injury.

Mr. Lebovitz is involved in estate planning, corporate employment agreements, contracts and was intricately involved in the establishing and franchising of The Athletes Foot, now an international operation of athletic shoe stores.

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