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Welcome to Lebovitz & Lebovitz Attorneys at Law, where forward legal thinking meets decades of expertise. As a family-owned law firm serving Pittsburgh for over 90 years, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of legal innovation while upholding the highest professional standards and dedication to our clients. Founded in 1968 by Herbert B. Lebovitz, Esq., and Robert A. Lebovitz, Esq., our firm has evolved to include three generations of legal experts, Stephen H. Lebovitz, Esq., Richard D. Lebovitz, Esq., and Robert A. Lebovitz, Esq., all driven by a shared passion for justice and the law.

Forward Legal Thinking and Experienced Attorneys

Our approach to civil litigation is evident in our forward legal thinking. With extensive experience in personal injury cases, commercial disputes, family law matters, product liability claims, eminent domain issues, real estate disputes, tax challenges, social security claims, and workers’ compensation cases, we are well-prepared to evaluate, negotiate, settle, litigate, and review cases at both trial and appellate levels. We harness innovative strategies and leverage cutting-edge technology to secure favorable outcomes for our clients.

Experience the advantage of forward legal thinking regarding estate planning and probate matters. Our knowledgeable estate attorneys excel in crafting comprehensive plans, drafting wills, and skillfully navigating complex probate processes. From the simplest to the most complex estates, we address inheritance tax issues, Orphans’ Court matters, and the establishment of trusts and power of attorneys. Whether you need a will review or a new will prepared, our forward-thinking approach ensures your assets and final wishes are protected and followed.

Forward legal thinking extends to our expertise in business law. Lebovitz & Lebovitz handles various corporate matters, including buying, selling, merging, forming, and dissolving business entities. Our seasoned business lawyers excel in resolving contractual disputes, managing employment agreements, and providing strategic counsel for business growth and risk mitigation. Whether you’re starting a new business or need guidance on ongoing matters, our forward-thinking approach and wealth of experience ensure effective representation tailored to your business’s needs.

Trusted Legal Representation

Choose Lebovitz & Lebovitz Attorneys at Law for a forward legal thinking approach backed by decades of experience. Our dedication is to serve our clients with unwavering commitment, innovative strategies, and a deep understanding of the law. Contact us today to experience the power of forward legal thinking in resolving your legal matters effectively and efficiently. With Lebovitz & Lebovitz, you can trust in our 90 years of history and forward legal thinking to deliver exceptional results for you and your business.

Herbert B. Lebovitz, Esq 1908-1998

Our Mission

90+ Years of Experience and over 90 continuous years of legal experience. We are a multi-generational law firm ready to assist you with sensitive legal concerns.

Our History

Herbert B. Lebovitz, Esq. (1908-1998) began practicing law over 90 years ago in the Pittsburgh area. Lebovitz & Lebovitz, P.A., formed by Herbert B. Lebovitz, Esq. and his son, Robert A. Lebovitz, Esq., in 1968, offers the experience of three generations of lawyers. Stephen H. Lebovitz, Esq. and Richard D. Lebovitz, Esq. now practice with Robert A. Lebovitz, Esq. continuing the family tradition.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in civil litigation. From personal injury, commercial, family law, products liability, eminent domain, real estate, tax, social security to workers compensation, we have been involved in evaluation, negotiation, settlement, trial and appellate review. We also handle complex as well as simple estate planning and wills, Orphans’ Court matters and inheritance tax. Whether an old will needs to be reviewed or a new will prepared we have a lawyer that can help. We handle corporate matters involving buying, selling, merging, formation and dissolution, contractual and employment disputes and agreements.

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Our lawyers have extensive experience in civil litigation

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Experience the advantage of forward legal thinking backed by decades of experience. Contact Lebovitz & Lebovitz Attorneys at Law today to schedule a consultation. Let our expert team resolve your legal matters effectively and efficiently.