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Lebovitz & Lebovitz, P.A. is a family law firm that understands your family issues. From the simple to the complex and the amicable to the highly contentious, we have the experience and ability to protect and further your interests and concerns and advise you every step of the way. Contemplating a divorce, have questions about custody, need advice as to support, concerns about equitable distribution, make an appointment and put your mind to rest. As attorneys, we have represented clients from various walks of life, income levels, and complexity.

We will skillfully and compassionately help you to evaluate your situation and formulate a plan customized for your needs. Regardless of whether you are seeking a divorce or find yourself involved in one, our help will ease your mind. Divorce, separation, custody, support issues, division of marital assets, premarriage assets, pensions, individual retirement accounts, estate and tax considerations and equitable distribution are all elements to consider and address in evaluation and resolution of your family issues. Domestic abuse is a serious problem and whether a victim or accused you need representation. As part of our practice and to address your family concerns we will advise you on the effects, the need for changes or creation of a will or trust, a power of attorney, family business planning, and other concerns. For quality, compassionate, experienced representation of any of your family law or divorce concerns, contact us today.

As leading Family Law and Divorce Attorneys in Pittsburgh, we take great pride in the individual attention we offer to every aspect of every client’s case, whether it contains anything from divorce consultations to juvenile custody proceedings.

We are devoted to protecting your family, and will help in the following matters amongst others:
  •  Divorce
  •  Equitable Marital distribution of marital assets
  •  Child custody and visitation
  •  Child support
  •  Spousal support i.e. alimony
  •  Domestic partnerships
  •  Domestic violence
  •  Paternity matters
  •  Assets preexisting marriage
  •  Pension and Individual Retirement Plans
  •  PFA or Protection from Abuse

As attorneys at Lebovitz & Lebovitz, P.A., we have represented clients from various walks of life and income levels, and we can skillfully and compassionately help you to evaluate your situation and formulate a plan customized for your family needs. We have handled very complex marital matters to simple divorce procedures.

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